New service vessel from Amar Shipping

The Mar Fortune is the second of two supply ships that Amar Shipping has converted to modern service vessels for the aquaculture industry.

Next week, during Aqua Nor, Amar Shipping will be at Skansen in Trondheim, showing their new service vessel. The Mar Fortune was originally a small supply ship built in 2002 but, after the downturn in the oil industry, was sold to new owners. Now, Amar Shipping has undertaken a total renovation of the vessel with new fittings, electronics and equipment.

The very latest SHM deck equipment has been mounted on deck, making the Mar Fortune a flexible, state-of-the-art service vessel. The SHM deck equipment includes two Effer marine cranes, one at 175 t/m and one at 125 t/m. It also includes a large anchor handling winch featuring 40 tons of traction and tension control for optimum towing ability. The winch has a 1.7 km capacity when using a 65mm hawser.
The vessel is also equipped with all the equipment necessary for safe and efficient mooring: a 25-ton plate clamp, 50-ton shark jaw and 25-ton towing pins, stern roller, 15-ton side-mounted towing pins and 20-ton chain lock mounted aft. To ensure the best possible performance from the deck equipment fitted, a 3x65kW HPU and joint control and safety system have been installed. The vessel is made ready for an A-frame of 40 tons. The anchor handling winch has been installed in such a way that it may easily be demolished should one wish to place other equipment on deck.    

The electronics have been supplied by Vico and the vessel is equipped with DP. Below deck, there are two machine rooms of which one is intended for future control systems for deck equipment such as de-licing equipment, ROV etc. The second machine room houses a 2x 200kW 440V synchronised generator pack from Volvo Penta/Stamford. The 150 m2 working deck means the vessel has significant capacity for transporting equipment for various commissions. Vessel propulsion is taken care of by 2x Caterpillar 3508B, 1x 272kW bow thruster and a 195kW stern thruster, making the vessel extremely manoeuvrable in the vicinity of aquaculture facilities. Auxiliary engines are 2x Caterpillar 3306.

The vessel has a total of 11 bunks in 8 cabins, a living area, large galley, office, washroom, duty mess and more.

The Mar Fortune’s sister ship, the Mar Placentia, was previously equipped by Amar Shipping in the same way. This vessel has been sold to Cooke in Canada, who is currently concluding the installation of an Optilicer on board. Cooke also has the Miss Mildred, a further vessel of the same type and design, which was delivered by Amar Shipping with a Thermolicer on board.

Amar Shipping is a Norwegian shipping company that obtains tonnage for various purposes and delivers completed vessels ready to undertake tasks for customers around the world. The company is currently building a 28-metre harvesting vessel with 200 m3 tank capacity at Fitjar. Delivery of the vessel is expected at the beginning of 2020.

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