A More Efficient Workday with Ocean Planner

Bolaks AS, a leading player in the aquaculture industry, delivers quality fish to dining tables worldwide. They wanted to coordinate treatments and wellboat operations more efficiently. This is where Ocean Planner came into the picture.

Streamlined Collaboration with Bremnes Seashore

In collaboration with Bremnes Seashore, Bolaks adopted Ocean Planner to simplify planning and resource sharing. By entering desired operations like delousing directly into the system, both companies could see and adjust to updates in real time.

– Ocean Planner gives us a more organized planning process where we can easily collaborate to plan new or ongoing operations together with Bremnes Seashore, says Helge Lysen, treatment coordinator at Bolaks.

Communication and Customization

Regular meetings between Bolaks and Ocean Planner have led to a customized solution that both enhances safety procedures and saves time. For Lysen, this means a more dynamic and efficient work environment, where everyone can focus on what they do best – producing the highest quality salmon.

– Ocean Planner helps to strengthen cooperation and improve communication between all parties, enabling the smooth execution of critical operations. The farmers gain complete oversight and logging of their operations, providing the ability to analyze and correct in real time for optimal resource utilization, says Bjørnar Apeland, CEO of Amar Group.

Ocean Planner streamlines communication with vessels and crew, making it easier to share and receive critical information, ensuring that operations are smoothly carried out. Through this system, both companies maintain control over critical operations with detailed logging that supports continuous improvement. This not only ensures traceability and a focus on product quality but also on fish welfare and the external environment.

A Tool for the Future of Aquaculture

When two major players collaborate on operations, smart planning and optimal resource utilization are crucial. Ocean Planner provides a complete overview of ongoing and completed operations, revealing patterns and connections in their aquaculture operations. The tool allows for analysis and real-time correction, which in turn contributes to better decisions and a data-driven approach to strategies in aquaculture. With an increased focus on both biosecurity and the environment, Ocean Planner allows these two actors to navigate both everyday and industry challenges with increased productivity and sustainability as a result.

Through the use of Ocean Planner, Bolaks has achieved improvements in both the planning and execution of tasks. The manual entry of information is greatly reduced, which not only saves valuable time but also minimizes the possibility of errors.

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