Bremnes Seashore Streamlines Aquaculture Operations with Ocean Planner

Bremnes Seashore is responsible for producing over 500,000 salmon meals every day. As a fully integrated, family-owned aquaculture company, their operations span 11 municipalities with 555 employees and 23 sea-based locations. From farming to slaughter, packaging, and direct sales, Bremnes Seashore manages the entire value chain themselves.

From Excel Sheets to Efficient Logis

From Excel Sheets to Efficient Logistics

Bremnes Seashore identified a need to replace inefficient Excel sheets with a more dynamic solution for logistics. This need was particularly evident in the planning of wellboats between Bremnes Seashore and Bolaks, where it was critical to find an efficient and reliable solution.

Ocean Planner was adopted to handle the complexity of the logistics. With this tool, Bremnes Seashore gained much better oversight of the boats and plans.

– It is now easier to plan the time usage for the various assignments, as well as adjust any changes, says Jane Kristin Nøstbakken, cleaner fish and treatment coordinator at Bremnes Seashore.

The program has proven particularly useful for both treatment and slaughter planning and has enabled the company to adjust safety and time usage more precisely.

Close Collaboration and Customization

Bremnes Seashore has experienced close and constructive dialogue with the developers, leading to corrections and customizations that best suit their specific needs. The user interface is simple and intuitive, enabling Nøstbakken to easily enter all information about the assignments and make necessary adjustments.

Jane Kristin Nøstbakken cleaner fish and treatment coordinator at Bremnes Seashore.

The Impact of Ocean Planner

The use of Ocean Planner has led to more streamlined planning and documentation.

– The collaboration we have with Bolaks through Ocean Planner has meant that all information about the fish automatically enters the system and is updated. This has resulted in significantly reduced manual plotting of information, which saves time and reduces error margins, says Nøstbakken.

Ocean Planner has not only improved daily operational efficiency at Bremnes Seashore but also contributed to better overall oversight and improved communication between partners. This tool has proven to be a valuable resource in the aquaculture industry, where precision and efficiency are key to success.

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