Amar Shipping is a supplier of service vessels for the growing aquaculture industry world-wide.


Amar Shipping has converted smaller PSV vessels to service vessels for the aquaculture industry. Such as Fishfarm support vessels, delousing vessels and Fishfarm AHTS.

Our fleet

Mar Fortune - 44m Fully Integrated Service vessel

The Mar Fortune is the second of two supply ships that Amar Shipping has converted to modern service vessels for the aquaculture industry.

The Mar Fortune was originally a 44 m long supply ship built in 2002. Now, Amar Shipping has undertaken a total renovation of the vessel with new fittings, electronics and equipment.

The very latest SHM deck equipment has been mounted on deck, making the Mar Fortune a flexible, state-of-the-art service vessel.

Mar Karmsund – 41m Service vessel​

Mar Karmsund was re-built in Turkey in 2016, with two lines Thermolicer system installed. Mar Karmsund is chartered to Bremnes Seashore.

Baadeholmen Slipp

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Amar Seafood Gaspesie

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Amar Seafood Grande R

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Amar Seafood Merinov

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Bjørn Mathias Apeland

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