Our story

A Hands-on

Building on our values of hard work and care for the environment around us, we seek to create local workplaces through our engagement in sustainable aquaculture projects.

Our experiences are both from technologically driven industries and working with primary industries, and we know the importance of delivering results that have real impact. That’s why, with the power of action, we aim to build strong foundations for our companies.

Our hands-on approach lets us support and help the companies we invest in to continually develop and grow in a sustainable and profitable direction.

Amar Group's Story

It all started in 2004 with Duen AS and the acquisition of the bankruptcy of Steinsvik Maskinindustri AS. By focusing on technological solutions for aquaculture, as well as continuing the development of solutions for the oil and gas and maritime industries, Steinsvik Group AS became a world-leading supplier of equipment to the aquaculture industry.

In 10 countries, with over 700 employees and 1 billion NOK turnover, Steinsvik products and solutions became the leading industry standard.

Bjørn Apeland buys Steinsvik Maskinindustri AS. Photo: Haugesunds Avis

Today, Steinsvik Group is a part of ScaleAQ - a fully integrated supplier to the aquaculture industry worldwide.

In 2018, Duen became Amar Group AS - with a new story to tell.

Illustration: Steinsvik AS