An aquaculture service hub in Maryston, Newfoundland.


A full-service base for the aquaculture industry in Marystown, NFL.

Established in 2017, Marbase Marystown is a fully integrated service base for the aquaculture industry in Marystown, which will help differentiate Newfoundland and help build a competitive, profitable and sustainable aquaculture industry.

The shipyard is strategically located to the downtown area of Marystown with good shipping routes through the eastern seaboard. The shipyard was first developed in the late 1960’s and original major buildings still remain to this day (although upgraded).


The shipyard manufactures feed barges and sea cages. It is also the production site for the Marbase Cleanerfish, with a yearly production of approximately 3 000 000.

Amar Group and Marbase builds on the vast accumulated technological and aquaculture experience to become the preferred supplier of aquaculture infrastructure and state of the art technology.

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Bjørnar Apeland

CEO Amar Group 995 55 756